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We integrate information technologies to their full potential in your business processes

About us

Who we are and what we do

As one of the best leading IT solutions in North America, Scylla Technologies is committed to keeping the satisfaction of our customers at the center of our preoccupations. We are always emerging towards innovative and evolutionary solutions to meet our client’s needs. Our team is evolving, but we strive to maintain the spirit of proximity and customer service that we cherish. Our services and commitments are growing, while remaining centered on our core business.
Whether it is a matter of improving customer service through greater availability of products or a question of personalized delivery, management information is crucial. In all cases, this information is at the heart of decisions. Consequently, company leaders are unanimous with regard to the importance of implementing computerized information capture and management tools

Our clients must constantly deal with changes, from transforming their operations to taking advantage of emerging markets, restructuring the business to improve operational efficiency, meeting new requirements regulations or to mitigate certain risks. It is therefore necessary to provide a rapid, proven and flexible response while ensuring that the right people, processes and technologies are in place to maximize performance regardless of competition and economic conditions.

Who we are

We are a team of experts close to your concerns and the requirements of your business, we are responsible for developing solutions to meet your needs and provide you customized solutions.

What we do

We give priority to the needs of our customers. It is this commitment that led us to develop the means of exchange and communication between us and our customers.

Why choose us

Because you decided to trust us, and because our responsibility is engaged in the operation of our solutions, we need to guarantee an optimal level of quality, reliability and security for all our solutions.

Why Scylla Technologies?

Scylla Technologies Services is positioned as a strong partner in the management of your IT services. Whatever your needs, we strive to provide you with a prompt, relevant and personalized response.


Gain agility and simply orchestrate your IT resources? Climb in our cloud. we are transforming the business through a collaborative approach

Goal-driven Strategy

As an IT partner for companies of all sizes, Scylla Technologies Services are tailor-made IT support with services tailored to your company and industry.

We’re Specialized

Our specialized teams are at the forefront of existing technologies while reducing their IT costs by perpetuating their investments.

Our commitment

Our commitment: support your organization in optimizing its business practices in order to achieve your growth objectives.

Information Technology

We provide you with an IT integration service to accompany you in your choice, your implementation and especially your integration of the new IT tool to the reality of your enterprise. We become the link with your supplier to personalize the new tool to your existing processes.

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