Scylla Technologies is a part of the parent company Scylla Technologies. Our goal is to support companies in the success of their projects on the web. Above all, we seek to make your digital strategy more efficient and to put the right tools on your side for web communication at the service of the development of your sales and your notoriety. In a context marked by a timid economic recovery, companies are more than ever called upon to maximize the reach of their communications strategy to get new market share and sustain their growth. Indeed, resting on its laurels technological, commercial and financial is no longer an option, let alone with the exacerbation of competitive intensity.

Scylla Technologies  use different strategies to guarantee a prime position on the major search engines with the aim to optimize the visibility of your business on the web. Ultimately, this will impact positively on your brand, your reputation and therefore your sales.

Our experts combine a wide empirical mastery and perfect knowledge of the workings of major search engines. Scylla Technologies collects good points: we understand the business issues of visibility on search engines and social networks, and our experts justify perfect knowledge of the terrain and the real needs of advertisers.

Scylla is a complete digital agency: both web agency, SEO specialist agency. The technological expertise allows us to make websites and integrate the best SEO solutions on the market. Thus, a single point of contact to more responsiveness and consistency.

Scylla is composed of enthusiasts who design your project with you. You are advised and supported from beginning to end. Listening to you, we are also able to exchange, analyze and understand to think of digital as part of optimizing the user experience. Finally, our web agency stands available and attentive when requested information.


Scylla Technologies Increase your traffic and your audience by optimizing your site and its content to maximize your presence in the top results of search engines.
SEO provides visibility and effective presence in search results royal way to increase sales and profit while optimizing costs for the customer.

  • Increase your visibility & your positions naturally
  • SEO audit of your website and search for competitors
  • Establishment and management of social networks
  • Content management in the language of your choice
  • Optimization of the website in relation to your location
  • Content management in the language of your choice
  • Optimization of the website in relation to your location