“A Website is just like an instrument which takes Your Business Idea to the next level and the Web Development is that founding pillar on which your website is laid on.”

Today we are living a fast pace life of technology; the internet is now a global market, and the efficient way to tap the potential of this global market is by owning an attractive and unique website for the online presence of your business. The website is the right amalgam of art and tech. The sole purpose of creating a website is to motivate and urge the visitor to become the permanent customer. At Scylla, we have the experienced web developer and designers. Scylla Web Development Service gives the client feature-rich website by keeping in mind the ultimate goal and objectives of the business. Scylla offers the custom web development also. Turn your word into systems. Give us a try to listen from you and turn your word into a platform of your desires.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization, often called positioning or SEO (from the English Search Engine Optimization), contains the technical intended to render a website or a specific page in the top results of a search engine result a request with keywords matching the theme of the site. It is generally considered that the positioning of a site is good when, with the most widely used engines in the top ten responses to a search on keywords corresponding to his heart positioning.

It is possible to ask a professional SEO its intervention to assess the achievements of the site (preliminary analysis) and to improve its position and always seeking to improve and optimize the best keywords in the search engines. The purpose of this intervention is to arrive first in the major search engines with a keyword imposed. The first step of this intervention is to identify a list of keywords with its derivatives (with and without accent, plural, …); then indexing occurs (ie consideration) pages, which operation is to identify and highlight it in some particularly significant words or phrases (called terms) in each context. This approach is based on the creation of several pages to increase the density of the contents of the site in the eyes of engines because the engines favor not only the number of textual content of the website pages (a site with 15 pages absolutely no chance) but also the wealth and relevance of its content (especially the mass text). Finally comes the increase in the number of website links (backlinks) that enables engines to consider the reputation of the site in the context of the web.

A pragmatic approach “Quick Win” and “VS effortlessly gain” to perform faster

For an ideal SEO, there are over a hundred criteria to work. Scylla has developed a “quick win” approach that allows to quickly focus on key issues to address that very quickly generate the first positive results. More generally, our stock recommendations are prioritized according to their impact and implementation time for brands to drive SEO optimization based on their human, technical and financial.

A unique and innovative approach: the Big Data SEO to maximize digital visibility

Thanks to the big data semantics, semantic concepts Scylla identifies carriers untapped and identify areas for development and continuous improvement of the presence and visibility of fingerprints a brand in order to attract more visitors and leads. This unique approach to the market will double or triple in a few months the natural traffic of a website.

Innovation and ethical SEO put the trademark department

SEO is constantly changing, mainly because of changes in Google, but also to all digital and data technologies. Scylla has an innovative program that allows him to test with customers various new techniques. Experts Scylla has developed particularly innovative approaches to treat semantic differentiation (Big Data SEO), take into account the different devices (including mobile and Future Index Mobile) … In addition, the recommendations aim Scylla optimizations “white hat” that will be appreciated by the engines over time.

Local SEO is an SEO technique to increase the visibility of your business on Google and promote your services to nearby customers. It allows your business to be visible on local queries, that is to say that contain geographic information, for example:”Italian Restaurant Atlanta”, “Lawyer near me.” The results of Google results pages are displayed depending on where the user is located. Most often found in local results of service activities such as health, shopping, home services. You see when you are looking for a medical office, a lawyer or a locksmith near you on Google, and a map shows you those nearby? That’s the local SEO! And it can be a great asset for your business, provided you know how to improve.

More and more Internet users (especially mobile) seeking areas of business on the web. The local SEO helps you appear on this type of research that are closely related to Google Map and pages Google My Business. Local SEO differs from national SEO because Google is able to offer customized and different results to Internet users.

Local SEO does not require the obligation to have a business website but it is highly advisable today to have a website. A website without a company loses market share every day.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO (also known as “on-site” SEO) is the act of optimizing different parts of your web site that affect your Search Engine Optimization rankings. It’s stuff that you have control over and can change on your own website. Here are the the biggest factors included.If you are in a market where regulators actually regulate there may still be

SEO Process

Historically, over 75% of interns at banks and global companies receive offers to return full-time. Over the past two years, SEO Career has provided more than 600 internships with more than 50 partners. Alumni have launched programs in London, Vietnam, China and Ghana, Africa

50 analysts have participated in our 10-month Fellowship program; nearly 90% of eligible Fellows have assumed positions or received full-time job offers to join alternative investments firms (as of 2015)

Are you searching out for a writing company that can take care all your content needs? Then luckily you are landed at the right place. We are the one stop Content Management Company for you. Our range of First Class Quality services at the most affordable prices are unbeatable. Try us and see we will become your elite success partners.

Easy to Get Original, and Affordable Content All the Time

Content isn’t the king, it’s the Kingdom” & why are you risking your Kingdom at the hands of amateur Freelancers or writers, when you can get the high-quality content at most affordable prices written from the content specialist. Our team is comprised of well-trained writers, content editors, Content On-Page Experts and research teams to accomplish the content requirements of our clients. ScyllaSEO provides the genuinely custom writing solution, which must fulfill all your content requirements.

ScyllaSEO is offering all the writing services under one roof. Once your approaches ScyllaSEO either for article writing or SEO Content writing or copywriting you will never go for another.

How the Things Work at ScyllaSEO

  1. Let Us know the Niche and requirements of your content.
  2. We will choose the best content writer from our team for you.
  3. You will be Happy with the Content.

Services We Offer

  1. Article Writing.
  2. Blogs and Websites Content Management.
  3. SEO Content.
  4. Social Media Content.
  5. Optimized Content for Product Description.
  6. E Marketing Content.

Why Choose Scylla Content Management Services?

  1. Specialist content writer will take care of your content.
  2. Every time you will get the quality content. We never compromise on quality.
  3. Our custom Content Management Solution are affordable are you will get real value for your price.
  4. We have the experience to handle every kind of writing project.
  5. You can revise your content until your satisfaction.
  6. In-depth knowledge of latest marketing and SEO Content.
  7. We will be the caretaker of your kingdom (content) in true meanings.

We strive for long-term relationships that’s why customer satisfaction and customer collaboration is always at the top of our agenda. So, either you have a small project or big project our team is ready to serve you with best content and ready to manage your content desires. Get ready to build your online presence through SEO Optimized Content and stand out in the crowd and let the first-time visitor be the repeated visitor.

Web Analytics is essential for the Success of Online Business

No One can deny that the success of the digital strategy is entirely based on the correct setup of Advanced Web Analytics. And ScyllaSEO knows the crucial nature of Web Analytics. Our Web Analytics Service let you understand what is happening on your website. The Web Analytics reports consist of the analysis of website traffic and usage. The ultimate goal is to make sure that everything is running smoothly or not. If something went wrong, then it can be fixed. At ScyllaSEO we provide the comprehensive detail of the analysis of your online presence with Advance Web Analytics Solutions.

In our Web Analytics Service, we will talk about the various features and metrics present in Google Analytics Tool and how to pull out them efficiently. The Scylla Services are totally goal oriented to serve our customers to their satisfaction. In this service, we will serve you

  1. What is the real objective of your website?
  2. What metrics of Advance Web Analytics matters for your business? As every website has its nature so, different websites need different metrics.
  3. How well is the website going?
  4. Setting up the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure the success of your social and AdWords Campaigns.
  5. Creation of Google Analytics Profile.
  6. Setting up the tracking code of Google Analytics.
  7. The connection of Google Analytics with the dashboard of your website.
  8. Look at the real stats of digital marketing campaigns.
  9. Present Data in the proper format for the decision-making process.
  10. Analyze the flow of new and old visitors to build a strategy how to improve it.

Solid Advance Web Analytics is very important for the success of your digital marketing. Contact us for Web Analytics services to boost your website traffic and online business.

Why ScyllaSEO for Advance Web Analytics and Web Audits

Allow us to audit you website or let us tell you about the current happening on your website. We are specialized and experienced in Search Engine Optimization. Our solutions are affordable and effective for the lifetime of your online presence. Scylla SEO consist of specialized team which can provides ongoing reports of your website traffic stats and your website marketing campaigns either it is pay per click advertising, SEO, or Banner advertising. Try us and let us your business success partner.


  • We follow Agile Methodology for design and development of websites.
  • Highly professional and experienced Web Development Team.
  • Design that supports clearly defined user paths
  • High impact headlines that are easy to scan read
  • Keep in view the objects and aims of your business.
  • Atlanta based web development company
  • We build websites that present your business, the right way.
  • Easy to update enterprise level content management systems
  • 99.5% average customer support happiness rating

We are a local Atlanta Web Design Company that works with a great focus on website efficiency and visual appeal. Beyond technology and technical expertise, our web agency strives to make your experience more enjoyable by taking on technical approaches, such as the transfer of DNS, domain name, creating emails, the board on hosting … You would also be aware of each step and advanced work. Also, you can access your website development as well as a project monitoring dashboard that allows you to know exactly accomplished the work load and the remaining with the management of risk areas, functional schedule.

We create functional, modern and robust websites

Our solutions are equipped with an ergonomic space administration, optimized for SEO and are compatible with tablets and mobile

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